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Whether founding successful start-ups or transforming corporations, success doesn’t just fall from the sky or result from simply chatting with colleagues. It is often the result of a precise analytical approach with qualitative and quantitative data, coupled with courage and creativity.


So together we work out what we want, what seems promising in the market and how and who will ultimately get it on the road. Here is the procedure:


Structured Approach

1 —

Value Proposition Neue Digitale

2 —

Process, Methods and Tools

Digital tools and methodology are the engine of today's business, product or service designs. For example, user experience design has had a massive influence on the way user-centered concepts have been designed since the early 2000s.

We have decades of experience with a variety of these tools, methods and processes which means we always use the right tool for the task.

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A working relationship can begin in many ways. Ideally it starts with your problem, business opportunity or just an interesting idea. If we have a strategy, new questions often arise such as who can support us, how do we market it etc. We can coach your internal team, support you with experts, build the team or find partners.


Areas of Expertise

We can do a lot - we have demonstrably gained many years of experience in these subject areas. Experience shortens processes and protects against making mistakes.

Interested in working as a Partner?

Interested in getting to know us?




Industry Sectors

Many topics in the digital world are cross-industry, but if you want to set up successful business models, industry-specific knowledge helps massively to find those gaps in the market that few have filled.



We develop innovative ventures and connected products for corporates. 

We analyse your business opportunities and challenges and position the solution in the competitive environment. We then develop innovative business models and connected products that include both software and hardware.

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